Why can’t I complete my checkout?

We are sorry that you’re experiencing issues on our site while checking out.


We suggest either switching browsers or deleting your cookies and reloading the browser to attempt to fix the issue.


If you’re still having difficulty checking out, we want to hear about it. Please contact our Customer Service team here (hyperlink) and they will be able to investigate further.


If you are having trouble completing your order using your credit/debit card, it is important to first check you have the funds available in your account. Once you have confirmed this, please double check the following;

  • The card number, name and CVC (back of card) are correct and as they appear on your card.
  • Your billing address is correct.
  • Your bank has not imposed a limit to the amount of purchases you can make in a 24 hour period.
  • All other details for shipping/billing are correct.